Working hours:

Monday - Friday : 9:00 - 17:30
Saturday - Sunday : days off


Center for administrative services: 056/ 842 872
fax: 056/ 840 481


Bulstat: 000056757

Festival - traditions and crafts

Фестивал - традиции и занаяти


Corruption signals:

from 9:00 until 17:30
tel.: 056/894 149; 056/894 112

Commission on Prevention and Counteracting Corruption

Alerts for Disasters and Accidents:

from 17:30 until 9:00
tel.: 056/ 840 487


Contact us




Councils and Commissions

Regional Councils and Committees
1. Regional council of development
2. Regional security council
3. Regiondl council of energy effectiveness
4. Regional expert council of territorial planning
5. Regional council of ethnic and integrational cooperation
6. Reginal council of social inclusion of people with specific needs
7. Regional council of corruption prevention and counteraction
8. Regional council of tripartite cooperation
9. Permanent committee of employment to the Regional council of development
10. Regional committee “War monuments”
11. Committee of traffic security in Burgas region
12. Epizootic committee
13. Regional committee of regional and national transport plan alteration
14. Coordination and protection staff for the population against disasters
15. Tourism working group
16. Committee of sea beach control
17. Committee for proposals and warnings
18. Committee for deed issuance, writing off from the title deed books and disposal of real properties and chattels constituting state property
19. Committee for operation and management of real properties and chattels constituting state property
20. Committee for acceptance of market valuation reports in management and disposal of real properties and chattels constituting state property

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