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Center for administrative services: 056/ 842 872
fax: 056/ 840 481


Bulstat: 000056757

Festival - traditions and crafts

Фестивал - традиции и занаяти


Corruption signals:

from 9:00 until 17:30
tel.: 056/894 149; 056/894 112

Commission on Prevention and Counteracting Corruption

Alerts for Disasters and Accidents:

from 17:30 until 9:00
tel.: 056/ 840 487


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General Information

Burgas Region provides 5.22 % of the GDP of the country under following transport and market infrastructure:

-         Port of Burgas, Oil Harbour and Fish Port, Ports of Sozopol, Nessebar and Tsarevo;

-         Burgas Airport, incl. Cargo Terminal;

-         Enlarged Railway Stations in Burgas and Karnobat;

-         Large-scale motor transport companies in Burgas and Karnobat;

-         Large warehouse areas – open-air and in premises – located mainly in the Port area and near to the Highway Burgas – Karnobat;

-         Burgas Free Zone.


Industry with its multi-branchy specificity is a leading sector in the economic structure of Burgas. Included are most branches excepting vehicle construction, low- and high-voltage installations and partially electronics. Some of the productions are unique or determinant for the country as for example: dark and light oil-products, chemical fibres, plastics and other chemistry products; shipbuilding, airconditioning and waste-treatment plants, goods waggon-building, fish-processing industry etc.

Following industrial branches are of determinant structural importance:

-         Petrochemical/oilrefining industry – provides 70 % of the industrial production scope;

-         Food industry and wine production – 12,2 %;

-         Electric and heating power production – 3,6 %;

-         Textile industry – 2,4 %

Burgas Region is highly industrialized. Tourism, agriculture and transport complement the image of the Region.

Crafts – Traditional products

-         Plastic packings;

-         Store clothes;

-         Confectionery products;

-         Sleepwear;

-         Furniture

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