Working hours:

Monday - Friday : 9:00 - 17:30
Saturday - Sunday : days off


Center for administrative services: 056/ 842 872
fax: 056/ 840 481


Bulstat: 000056757

Festival - traditions and crafts

Фестивал - традиции и занаяти


Corruption signals:

from 9:00 until 17:30
tel.: 056/894 149; 056/894 112

Commission on Prevention and Counteracting Corruption

Alerts for Disasters and Accidents:

from 17:30 until 9:00
tel.: 056/ 840 487


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Burgas Regional Administration

Dear Friends,


Welcome to the website of Burgas Regional Administration!


You will find here informdtion about the 13 municipalities in the region as well as recent news about the activity of the administration and the services we provide. I hope it would be useful for you and we achieved our goal for our work to be transparent and accessible to you.


They say that Burgas region is “a crossroad of most ancient civillisations”, but it is unique besides with its invaluable archeological finds and rich cultural – historical past with its tourist future too. Burgas region is known for different forms of tourism – sea and balneological tourism, rural tourism, ecological and hunting  tourism, cultural and religious tourism. Mountain and sea combine here, here is the center of balneology in Bulgaria, here are the relics of St. John Precursor.


I believe that you will be fascinated by the charm and magic of our region after having visited it.

Valcho Cholakov
Governor of Burgas Region 

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